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Auckland Art Fair offers works for all pockets

By John Daly-Peoples

The Auckland Art Fair offers art a range of prices from modest prices to works priced at over $1 million.

Under $2500

Bronwynne Conish, Cat Mummy Series ($850each) [Artis]
Work which explores ancient forms, symbols and myths of Egyptian cultures

Mark Wooller, Horotui Bay – Queen St Gully ($1400) [Black Door Galley]
The artist often examines Auckland’s past through symbols and maps.

Under $5000

Susan Te Kahurangi King, untitled hand coloured litghograph ($2800) [Auckland Print Studio] New work from APS at Unitec. The outlines printed from a lithograph stone and then hand coloured
Tanya Martusheff, “of a dilemma” ($4000) Commissioned project for the Art fair consisting of three elements of disconnected indutrial/domestic constructions.

Under $15,000

Andrew Beck, Coalesce, ($11,000) [Visions]

A work in which light, shadow, surface, reflection and time are brought together.

Michael Dell, Untitled landscape at Moutere 9$8500) [Foenander]

His hazy out-of-focus work conflates the notions of traditional landscape painting and pin-hole photography.

Under $50,000

Robert Jahnke tā te whenua kōwhai ($25,000) [Milford Gallery]
Similar to the work he has displayed in the current Toi Tu Toi Ora exhibition of contemporary  Maori art at the Auckland Art Gallery
Jude Rae  SL 437 ($25,000)  [Two Rooms]
Still life works which emphasis a beauty in the industrial object.
Neil Dawson,  Kotare Tail Feather  $25,000  [Jonathan Smart]
The artist has used the feathers in many of his public sculptures . these domestic scaled works reveal the intricacies of the artist’s work and their delicacy gives  the  illusion of weightlessness
Bill Culbert, Strait Manukau ($24,000) [Fox Jensen McCrory]
One of the most significant NZ artists working in Europe for many years who explored light from many perspectives.

Under $100,000

Billy Apple,  Mistral 10    $100,000 [Starkwhite]
The red and green hull of a Mistral class boat along with two framed  designs
Robert McLeod ,  Sisters with Rose Bush   ($72,000) [Ivan Anthony]
A reworking of Pre-Raphaelitism style and theme
Daniel Boyd, Untitled, (TGRTOPIADL)   ($72,500) [Station]
Boyd is of aboriginal ancestry addressing issues of colonialism and the environment with a style combining pointillism and traditional techniques.

By johndpart

Arts reviewer for thirty years with the National Business Review

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